Low Testosterone Epidemic in Elderly Patients

low testosterone in elderly

As men age, it’s natural for their testosterone levels to gradually decline, but we are seeing signs and symptoms at Concierge Physician Health that indicate that elderly men are at an extremely deficit of their manly hormone.  Testosterone is available in men and women naturally, but more in men which is what gives them more hair on their body, a deep voice, and the ability to put on more muscle than women.  With a decline in testosterone comes weight gain, muscle loss, and decreased libido.  Since our doctors started examining male patients and noticed this decrease in testosterone, we have implemented a 3 simple step system to increase testosterone naturally.

The first one is to include some form of exercise in their daily activities, more specifically strength training.  We are putting focus on compound movements where more muscle groups are used at once.  This will help to spike testosterone levels faster and much bigger amounts than isolated exercises.  We also will include some high intensity exercises to increase the heart rate in moderation.

Nutrition is another important factor in the production of testosterone.  Eating too much sugar, flour, and alcohol has shown to decrease the production of testosterone and for this reason, we have reduced that from our patients’ diets.  Instead we have started supplementing their diets with a lot of zinc to boost their production of testosterone naturally.  We do this by supplementing with Semenax pills which naturally raise testosterone and semen.   This natural boost in testosterone will also increase libido and virility.  Natural supplements are a safe way to increase testosterone because of their lack of side effects.

The last part of the program is getting plenty of sleep.  When we sleep is when our bodies recover and this is when important hormones are being secreted.  One of those hormones is testosterone.   We make sure our patients are getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night to make sure they have a healthy dose of testosterone every night.

The bottom line is that we cannot stop the decline of testosterone but we can definitely slow it down.  With natural solutions to boost testosterone readily available at our clinics, we can help our patients slow down the aging process and improve their quality of life significantly.  A healthy male patient will also help to decrease their chances of getting prostate cancer.  Prevention is the name of the game and if it can be done naturally then our doctors have succeeded in helping our patients.



Beating Muscular Atrophy in Senior Citizens

muscular atrophy senior

As humans age, muscle wasting is inevitable.  The lack of activity, a decline in testosterone, and old age cause muscles to lose mass and density.  Although this is something that can’t be prevented, it can be slowed down through weight bearing exercises and a good nutrition plan.

Weight bearing exercises put stress on the bones and joints and for this reason going real heavy is not recommended.  A moderate amount of weight is considered healthy and will strengthen muscles and increase bone density.  This will also help our senior patients to be more functional around their homes or nursing homes.  Our Doctors at Concierge Physician Health highly recommend and teach the importance of weight training to our elderly patients.  Each patient is handed a set of dumbbells that they are to use everyday during their exercise time.

Nutrition is also very important because our elderly patients don’t eat as often so they are missing key minerals and nutrients from their diet.  For this reason we always have them take nutritional supplements.  To gain muscle mass and strength we recommend they stack supplements to get the most benefit.  The recommended muscle stack is Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack.  They’ll lose body fat and get more lean muscle, increase strength, and look their best.  This nutritional supplement is also all natural so it won’t interfere with any medications are patients are on.

Another form of exercise recommended is aqua therapy.  Yes, our doctors understand it is not weight bearing, however, this helps patients that have joint problems.  For example, senior patients will chronic ankle, foot, knee, and hip injuries will have difficulty with weight bearing activities and for this reason, the pool is more beneficial.  In the water, the weight of the body on the joints is reduced but the water can still create resistance, thus, they can still benefit from water resistance training.




Helping Senior Patients Cope With Loneliness Through Fieldtrips

senior field trips

With senior citizens being sent to retirement homes and growing distant from their families, our doctors have noticed many of them become very depressed.  Yes, having other senior citizens around helps but the bond they created for many years with their families is one that they miss and can’t be broken.  As a result, the physicians at Concierge Physician Health have come up with a concept of taking our senior patients out to different attractions and activities around town to get them out of them home and to be active.

Since our retirement homes are completely filled to capacity, we have teamed up with several bus and limousine companies around the city so that we can travel together and enjoy each other’s company amongst the people they know.  We estimate these types of activities and field trips will help to raise our patients’ spirits and help them to walk around and exercise while visiting places they have never seen before.

The doctors have agreed to contract bus services from a party bus rental company.  This company has different party buses but we were able to secure disability friendly ones.  Our patients are ecstatic to go on party buses to their field trips.  The best party bus rental company we found sits 80 people and has an 80’s party theme inside.  The party goers as they call it, can play their own music, and enjoy beats from that decade.  This way our seniors can party on the way to their field trips which helps them to feel young again.

These party buses will be a big hit amongst the senior patients and we can’t wait to see how their faces light up with excitement.  We have some lively folks in our nursing and retirement homes so it will be fun to watch them “party” and dance while on the field trips.  This is a nice addition to the Concierge Physician Health services because we will not only treat our patients’ bodies but also their minds and spirits.

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Helping the Elderly to Beat Obesity

obesity elderly


As the rates of obesity continue to rise in all age groups, we’re trying our best to educate our Doctors on the importance of teaching our patients how to maintain a healthy weight, exercise, diet, and supplementation.  Our elderly patients already have mother nature and a slower metabolism working against them, so we really emphasize the importance of nutrition and how it affects their waist size.

Exercise is a small part of the equation when it comes to our patients’ weight loss.  A lot of them have physical pain and that makes it difficult to exercise so we team up with local aquatic centers so they have access to their aquatic exercise classes.  These classes allow them to exercise, burn calories, and it’s easy on their joints.  It also gives them the opportunity to get out of their houses and meet other seniors.  Socializing is an important part of our mental health.

At Concierge Physician Health, we have also created our own line of nutritional supplements so our patients meet the daily requirements of vitamins and minerals.  We have also just started recommending our weight loss supplement.  This supplement is made of all natural ingredients that help to speed up metabolism and burn fat.  The more calories you burn, the more weight will come off your body.  The weight loss supplement http://losethemuffintop.com curbs appetite and contains ingredients that burn fat stores for energy.   Increased fat loss and a faster metabolism helps our patients stay healthy and avoid preventable diseases.

Diseases such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease can all be avoided with diet and exercise.  Education is paramount at Concierge Physician Health because we know it will empower our patients and make our doctors’ experience a lot easier.  It is very rewarding when your patients follow your treatment plans and get the results and goals you laid out for them.  Nutrition and exercise not only fuel your body but are one of the most amazing preventative tools that you have control over.





Natural Supplements Bringing Back Youth to the Elderly

fountain of youth


Anti-aging is a popular topic in the world of wellness and preventive medicine lately.  With baby boomers looking for natural solutions to enhance their quality of life, nutritional supplements have come in hoards to provide pain relief and more mobility to this aging population.  We as human are living longer than ever before and doctors are having to look for natural ways that will not harm a patient’s health or interact with other medications they currently take.

Below we’ll discuss the top 3 anti-aging supplements that are hot right now:

Vitamin C

Good old vitamin C is still holding strong as it has for thousands of years.  This has been studied and it helps to decrease stress in cells and is a powerful antioxidant.  Keep your cells healthy and stress-free and they’ll perform close to 100% which means you’ll feel and look better.  Vitamin C is also great to maintain a healthy skin and preventing early onset of wrinkles.

Growth Hormone Boosters

Human growth hormone is known as the youth hormone because it helps to repair injured tissues, joints, and keeps other parts of your body functioning well.  Unfortunately starting a regimen of HGH injections with your medical doctor will cost you around $1000 a month and it is not covered by health insurance.  So supplement companies have started to make growth hormone boosters.  These supplements contain natural ingredients such as branch chained amino acids and proteins that help to stimulate the pituitary gland.  When the pituitary gland is stimulated, it produces more of your own human growth hormone (HGH).  The growth hormone booster we recommend is GHAdvanced+ and it contains night and day time formula to increase your HGH levels when your body needs it the most.


Glucosamine is often used in wound healing and maintaining the skin to sag as we age.  This amino acid has also shown great results when it comes to reducing wrinkles when taken on a regular basis.  The way glucosamine works is by increasing the production of hyaluronic acid which helps to keep our skin looking nice and firm.

Our doctors at Concierge Physician Health are always on the cutting edge of the newest and researched nutritional supplements that will help our patients improve their health and allow them to enjoy their activities of daily living as they age.  The supplement industry is a multi-billion industry and it continues to grow as more and more people understand the importance of prevention and feeding the body natural ingredients.

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3 Fun Activities to Help Stroke Victims Recover

stroke victims


After a stroke, many victims feel like they’re useless and can’t do much for themselves. This can lead to severe depression and many feel like they’re a burden to others that have to take care of them. Yes physical therapy does help to maintain an active lifestyle but stroke patients are encouraged to engage in fun activities that will help to bring joy back to their lives.

At Concierge Physician Health we always integrate fun activities into our rehabilitation protocols so that are patients feel like they are having fun. We don’t want them to feel like they have to do a chore when it comes to rehab. We want them to smile and engage with their family members in activities that will help them physically but also make the family bond.

Video Games

Video games are not just for kids. They help to pass the time, can be fun to play, and get your brain neurons firing. Most games require strategy and thinking so your brain is stimulated. Even the most simple games can keep a stroke victim entertained and not just thinking about their condition.


Crafting can be another option when it comes to keeping a stroke victim’s brain active and forces them to use their hands which can sometimes be affected. Any simple activity such as painting can create a sense of relief and spark some creativity, plus it stimulates the arm muscles so they get some exercise.

One way we’re forcing stroke victims to get better faster is by teaching them activities where they use both hands. We do this by using colorful ribbons and teach them how to make hair bows. Hair bows are simple to make yet require use of both hands to make them. Once they create the hair bows we make gifts out of them so they can hand them out to their daughters or granddaughters.


Music makes everybody happy! Listening to music can lift your mood, make you relax, and relief some stress. And if you really want to get into it, start playing some instruments. Banging on some drums or even just playing a tambourine can help you feel accomplished and increase your confidence. Many hospitals are now using music as a form of therapy because it helps the patient’s mood and that makes it easier for them to remain active and exercise.

There are many other ways to help stroke victims recover. These are just a few of the most fun we recommend and use on our patients. The key is to perform activities that the patients enjoy. This will ensure that they want to participate in the rehab sessions. Once the participation is there, it will help them to want to live again and lift their spirits.

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Doctors Using Weight Training for Osteoporosis

weight training

Due to an increase in patients suffering from osteoporosis, the doctors at Concierge Physician Health are now using portable weights as a form of resistance training.  Osteoporosis is a condition where the bone loses its mass, making it very brittle, and making the person susceptible to fractures even with low force trauma.  Most of these fractures happen in the hip, wrist, and spine.

One way to strengthen the bones is to use weight bearing activities such as weight training.  This additional load that’s place on the bones helps to stimulate bone forming cells in a similar way that weight training causes muscles to get stronger and bigger.  Pharmaceutical drugs play a less effective form of treatment in regenerating bone density in this condition so we are now emphasizing exercise more.

Another important factor is the diet our patients follow.  We recommend they take a dose of vitamin D3 to help with their bone mass as well as a fair amount of sun exposure to get that natural vitamin D.  We have also been recommending a nutritional supplement to increase their muscle mass.  Crazy mass bulking stack helps to increase strength and add muscle mass.  The more muscle you have, the more weight you can lift and the more bone density will improve.

At Concierge Physician Health we feel this integrated, non-invasive approach to treat our osteoporosis patients will provide the most benefit.   Activity and nutrition go hand in hand to promote the formation of healthy and dense bone tissue.  Our portable weights allow us another service to provide for house calls as we continue to strive for the best service possible.

We also recommend our patients continue exercises on a daily basis even when we’re not treating them.  Something as simple as using cans of food can provide resistance when walking or using the arms to exercise.  Thinking outside the box and using your imagination will help to exercise anywhere you go and improve your condition.





Using Music to Help Alzheimer Patients Improve Memory


Our Doctors are currently music an a way to help boost brain activity in Alzheimer patients.  Music has been known to show improvement in Dementia and Alzheimer sufferers but we didn’t know why…until now.

Here are the top 4 reasons why music helps these patients with mental disorders:

1.  Music elicits a response that brings back memories

Music helps to create emotion in even the most advanced cases of Alzheimer disease.  With emotion comes memory.  Simple exercises such as playing music while doing a certain activity can help the patient to remember that activity and retain it over time

2.  Music leads to sharing emotions

Alzheimer patients often lose the ability to share their emotions with those closest to them.  Playing music around Alzheimer patients can lead to them dancing, which brings a sense of engagement with other people around them.  Dancing leads to hugging, laughing, and bonding which can make the patient feel security and bring back memories.

3.  Singing can motivate and increase exercise activity

Our doctors encourage Alzheimer patients to play music and sing along with it.  Singing gets people in a good mood and it makes it easier for them to go through a prescribed exercise program.  Besides having our patients sing, we also have them play an instrument to stimulate the brain even more.  Whether they know how to play the instrument or not is not important.  All we’re looking for is stimulation of the brain by performing unknown tasks and activities.

Our patients love playing the guitar more than any other instrument.  We’ve been able to get them to play guitar by using GuitarTricks, online guitar lessons that anyone regardless of skill level can follow.

4.  Music improves mood and helps to lower stress

Music does not require any thinking and this is one of the reasons why it works so well among Alzheimer patients.  We start playing music around them and their mood improves almost instantly.  They also don’t feel the stress of feeling useless.

In conclusion, music is not a cure for Alzheimer or other mental disorders but it does help to stimulate the brain and improve the quality of living for your loved one.  Whenever possible, play some music around your Dementia and Alzheimer patients.  This will make them feel better and engage more with their doctors and will brighten your mood.

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Beating Out Depression with House Calls



Depression is becoming a major problem in this country.  More and more people are seeking medical help because they can’t seem to get motivated or just don’t have any desire or energy to get on with their lives.  This rise in depression has led to a rise in prescription medications to treat this problem.  The problem with this is that patients are becoming dependent on a drug to bring “happiness” instead of taking care of the root cause of their depression.

Our psychologists at Concierge Physician Health are currently running a study that concentrates on more natural ways to treat depression to avoid the abuse of prescription drugs.  We are currently going through a series of tests that involve music.  One of our doctors pays the patient a visit at their home and they discuss what they are feeling and as unusual as it may seem, the doctor is accompanied by a musician.  After the doctor and patient talk about the depression in private, the musician then plays music for about an hour to see how music affects the person.

There have been many studies that show music helps to express emotions.  This allows the patient to “let it all out” so that the doctor can better understand their problems and know what to do to help.  The University of Oxford also did a study that showed music reduced blood pressure because it reduces stress.  Stress can lead to depression so if adding music diminishes the stress, then it can definitely help the problem.

As of now Concierge Physician Health has seen good results bringing music to a patient’s home.  We’re currently testing this out with guitar players.  Our guitar players play soft melodic music that is calming to a patient’s ear.  Interestingly enough most of our musicians take online guitar lessons from JamPlay with private music instructors.  They learn all kinds of genres of music there so we are able to test out which one helps our patients the most.

So far our music data reveals that people do feel better and less depression after having a personal music session.  Of course, we only encourage playing songs that are positive and upbeat in nature.  A song that’s too slow or has depressing lyrics will not help, so that has to be taken into consideration.  Concierge Physician Health is taking house calls to the next level.  Not only are we providing a personalized service but we are also doing our own in-house testing to see how we can help our patients get better faster in a more natural way.

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Now Offering On Call Doctors for Erectile Dysfunction

bathmate hercules
Concierge Physician Health is proud to announce that we are now offering new options for our patients with erectile dysfunction.  This is a very common issue in society and we often have people call in asking about the right dosage for viagra or other erectile dysfunction medications.  Having an on call doctor who specializes in this field will provide our patients with direct access to communicate and understand how to use these medications correctly.

Our doctors will also be able to educate our patients on other equipment that may be useful in assisting to enhance their sexual prowess.  These products include penis pumps .  One of the most popular penis pumps right now is the Bathmate Hercules.  It is used to increase penis size and for erectile dysfunction.  Patients who lack blood flow to their penis can use this to get an erection by trapping blood inside the corpus cavernosa of the penis.

Another product our patients ask about is Cialias which acts the same way as Viagra.  Since most of our patients are older men and many have heart problems, we carefully monitor if they are candidates for these medications.  Most of our doctors recommend the penis pump for this same reason.  A penis pump will just focus in the genital area and does not affect the heart.

We will start providing this service in a month once with have enough doctors available on call.  That way we can have enough docs on staff to meet the demands of our patients without overworking our doctors.  This is an exciting addition to the Concierge Physician Health family as we strive to provide the best medical service to our patients and keep providing our specialized one-on-one care to the best of our ability.